Driven by ideas.

Focused on results.

We are consultants for the human side of progress.

Clients & Projects

How ideas become results.

Goethe Institut

Fostering German-American Friendship

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Behavioral Study

Promoting Micromobility

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New Mobility World

Reinventing Mobility Events

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Heinrich Böll Foundation

Industry-Evironmentalist Dialogues

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Future Mobility Summit

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Hapag-Lloyd Express

Democratizing Air Travel

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New Economy Business School

Creating change for the digital age

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Consultants for the human side of progress.

evenson are consultants for the human side of progress: Based on research-backed evidence, we develop ideas to facilitate change and innovation, and we create concepts and projects to deliver lasting results.

Driven by ideas. Focused on results.

In our work, we follow a simple guiding principle: what makes people do things – or prevents them from doing them? From these insights, we develop ideas to further our client’s goals and unlock progress.

Success creates opportunities – for our clients, for our firm, for our team members. That’s why we not only advise but work closely with our clients to execute change-oriented projects. 

In everything we do, we seek to create tangible, measurable and lasting results.

What we do.

We work hand in hand with our clients to help them transform their communication, interactions and processes, as well as products and services to achieve the desired results. 

We are agnostic in our measures: from aligning corporate communications over creating new choice architectures for stakeholders to setting up platforms to foster new ecosystems. 

There are also things we don’t do, e.g. work without clear, measurable targets; simply execute projects without underlying change objectives; work on projects that would hinder progress towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

What we’ve done.

We helped an airline to successfully democratize the aviation market. We created constructive dialogues between the automotive industry and environmentalists.

We’ve shown cities what works in motivating people to get out of cars and onto bikes and scooters. We’ve revamped a car show – and the underlying business model – to Europe’s leading new mobility platform.

We helped deepen the ties between Germans and Americans – through beer.

What can we do for you?

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